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SeaTec Ship Service Co., Ltd. is a marine technical service company providing a variety of marine technical supports: Site supervision, Purchasing survey, Docking inspection, Ship technical inspection, On-hire/ off-hire survey, Retrofit project management, Spare parts supply.Seatec is ABS Certified ISO 9001:2015 on Ship repair supervision and spare parts service.We provide services for retrofit projects such as BWTS and AMP and PANAMA mooring system: 3D scan, drawing engineering, material supply, equipment supply and installation.We also have developed repair services with our partner workshops for diesel engine and propeller repair, including engine overhaul, parts recondition, metal locking, rudder and shaft system repair, in-situ machining, propeller damage repair,  Turbo charger o…...



Ship survey mainly contain with Ship condition survey, Purchasing survey, Pre-docking and docking survey, Marine survey, ISM/ISPS/MLC internal audit, our clients are Ship owner, management, bank, insurance, Independent adjuster, etc.

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